My name is Charles Weiss, welcome to my place for the free information about the sweet, delicious permanent cure that I have successfully tested for more than eight years.

The Dessert Cure has been approved by Robert Schwarzberg , M.D. (Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases). He has been my physician for 12 years and is one of the best— not just on my say so— the Medical Community has so rated him.

The fashionable high and mighty on Rodeo Drive in California and Park Avenue in New York City go to wine tasting sessions where they sip each beverage, twirl it vigorously around in their mouths, then in plain sight discard into large buckets on the .floor.
You will do the same with gigantic portions of creamy-lip smacking – good- fat filled- sweet desserts-loaded with calories—like ice cream- lemon meringue pie filling- smoothies- custards- and on-and-on, in a never ending celebration.

If you or someone you know is obese, or a miserable overweight faddist, jumping from one failed diet after another, seeking long term help. Or overweight but just don’t care’, or an overweight type 2 diabetic, or of normal weight but derive most of their calories from candy bars and cakes, or a cigarette addict trying to quit, or a model or glamorous TV or movie actress —-start now for the time of your life for the rest of your life. All the pleasure is in the mouth.

Chewing foods—- meat, potatoes, pasta—are enjoyable to taste— but a large part of the pleasure comes from filling the stomach. Not swallowing these foods is agitating and painful, and has been rightly characterized as an eating disorder. For folks on a tight budget I have included access to recipes using inexpensive ingredients— will keep adding more as we go along.

When you start the dessert cure use a baby spoon.

After you get up in the morning and go to the can, weigh yourself.

Count calories and walk even a little bit if that’s all you can do.

Maintaining careful records I have been at this for more than 8 years.

As the subject of this comprehensive testing I have found that the procedure is safe and there is ample evidence that it’s effective.

I chose to test myself first to be sure of its safety.

In most cases food addiction is deep seated and long term very difficult to overcome because eating one of the great pleasures of life can provide comfort when life does not.

The main test of the validity of my protocol can be found in the proven results which can easily be replicated. In other words — If I can enjoy it you will be able to enjoy it too..

Weight loss gurus challenge you to only yield to physical hunger— to eat in response to that—not the outside influences. That may work for a tiny segment of the population compared to the millions of the rest of us who can’t— and the epidemic merrily gallops along at a quickening pace.

Experts profess the homily that behavior change is more likely if it’s supported by a caring, loyal enthusiastic group of people who agree with what you are doing and are rooting for your success. In this case it doesn’t matter one damn bit! The dessert cure provides so much pleasure who cares what other people think or say – good or bad. No one can contaminate or sabotage what you will be doing— it’s just too good.

I don’t do recommendations on the best nutritious foods you should prepare and eat— that is best left to dieticians and nutritionists

Their cook books are in my branch library —they should be in yours.

It would seem I have violated one of the most sacred trusts of medical research—-but have I? No double blind studies with large groups— small groups or any groups for that matter. I have by myself— helped myself and go on helping in a proven, deliciously enjoyable way with my eyes and mouth wide open! (See Jonas Salk developer of the polio vaccine.)

We have to be careful about who is sponsoring all these studies popping up everywhere all the time.

Sharon Begley science editor of Newsweek had pointed out that “Almost anyone with an agenda can find research that supports it. But not all science is created equal.”

When you sweet-treat with others you take small mouthfuls then noiselessly discard behind your cloth napkin into a mug or bowl. As a backup you will have the recorded sound of a babbling brook playing at the table.

Picture four models having an afternoon lunch then having a merry blast with the Dessert Cure.
Keeping thin is not an option for these ladies—it’s a necessity if they want to keep working.